Woman Confused By Bombardment Of “Chewbacca” Prank Calls

A woman in Australia says she’s being tortured by an onslaught of people calling her and doing their best “Chewbacca” impression from “Star Wars”. Taylor Paige, who’s from Sydney, says she’s on the hunt for whoever is responsible for masterminding the prank, and what’s worse…the single mom says she doesn’t even like “Star Wars”.

Paige explained in a recent interview that when she asked one of the callers where they got her number, they said they saw a poster in the street that advertised a contest…apparently, the flyer noted that whoever did the best Wookie impression would win $100. When asked if she has the faintest idea who could be behind this, Paige simply replied, “I’m not too sure, I honestly couldn’t tell you.”

Source: Lad Bible

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