Woman Accidentally Swallows Toothbrush While Choking

A young woman in Spain had a brush with death recently when she claims to have swallowed her entire toothbrush after using it to dislodge a piece of food she was choking on. The 21-year-old who goes by Heizea, says was eating turkey last week when she began choking on the entrée.

Heizea says after the food went down, the toothbrush went down with it. “I tried to hold it by the bristles but once the obstruction was cleared, it just got sucked in.” Heizea says she was then rushed to the hospital where surgeons reportedly removed the brush during a 40-minute procedure involving pulling the toothbrush up through her esophagus with surgical twine. The whole incident has rattled the woman who added, “I was just glad I could breathe again.”

Source: NY Post

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