Woman Accidentally Eats, Passes AirPod

From AirPod to AirPotty…A woman in Salt Lake City is making waves on TikTok after confessing that she’d mistaken a vitamin for a Bluetooth AirPod…and swallowed it. Realtor Tanna Barker, 52, recalled in a video that has been viewed over two million times, that she was out on a walk when she accidentally ingested the device while talking to a friend. When Barker realized the vitamin was still in her hand, she said, “I could feel it going down so slow…I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just did that,’” adding, “‘I’ve got an AirPod inside me now.’”

So, what now? Medical experts told Barker to “let it pass naturally” as the battery’s encasing did not pose any “legitimate” harm. She soon confessed on a video that the earbud eventually “passed naturally”. “It has been such an amazing experience and such a wild ride,” she said.

Source: NY Post

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