Wine Aged In Space For Over A Year Expected To Sell For $1 MILLION

Fans of wine know different wines age in different ways, but what about a wine partially aged in space? That’s exactly what auction house Christie’s is offering in a private sale that’s expected to bring a $1 million price. The bottle of Petrus 2000 was one of a dozen bottles of wine launched into orbit in 2019 and spent almost 440 days there before returning to Earth.

Would you actually drink a million-dollar bottle of wine? If you do, experts say you’re in for a different experience; at a special tasting where one of the space-aged vintages was compared to one of the bottles from the same batch that never left Earth, the panel said the space bottle had its own “unique flavor profile.”

Of course, you get more than just one bottle of wine for a cool million. It comes with one of the earthbound bottles to compare with the space wine, a decanter, glasses, and a corkscrew made from a meteorite. Christie’s says the proceeds from the sale will go toward funding future space missions and wine research, two worlds that don’t usually cross paths.

Source: United Press International

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