Wife Sues Baltimore Funeral Home After Another Woman Had Her Husband Buried



On January 9, 67-year-old Ivan Street died from congestive heart failure. His wife of four years, Demetra, went to Wylie Funeral Home in Baltimore to arrange to have his remains cremated according to his wishes, but now Demetra has filed a federal lawsuit against the funeral home accusing them of holding a “sham” service in order to keep her money after another woman showed up claiming to be his wife and had him buried.Demetra says she was tipped off that her husband had been buried and not cremated after his service, where Demetra sang a song in front of an urn she says employees wouldn’t let her take home. According to her, a worker at Wylie emailed her to tell her that Ivan had been buried, which she says one of the owners of Wylie confirmed for her. The funeral home denies any wrongdoing, but Demetra is seeking $8.5 million in damages.

Source: Daily Mail

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