WATCH: Indian Ad Looking For ‘Handsome, Well-Built, Non-Farting, Rich Husband” Goes Viral


If you get points for honesty, a personal ad that ran in 12 newspapers in northern India looked like it might be a winner. The ad started with “Match for opinionated feminist. 30+ educated girl, short hair, piercings, works in social sector against capitalism,” and it kept getting better with a list of qualifications for the perfect match, including “handsome, well-built, strictly 25-28-year-old only son with an established business, at least 20-acre farmhouse” and ended with the kicker “No farters/burpers plz.”

That’s an unusual personal ad, but it wasn’t real. The ad was placed by the brother of a self-admitted “short-haired woman with piercings that works in the social sector” as a joke for her 30th birthday. Part of her birthday present was access to the email that was listed in the ad. The unnamed woman says she’s received around 60 responses to the ad, with most treating it like the joke it was.

Source: Daily Mail

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