“Tunnel Girl” Spends $50K On Underground Passage For “Entertainment”

A 37-year-old “Tunnel Girl” is taking TikTok on a trip to the private tunnel system she’s been building under her home for more than a year. Known only as Kala, the TikToker has no formal background in engineering, but has spent $50,000 on a 30-foot-long and 22-foot-deep bunker, which she intends to use as a storm shelter.

Kala has done everything from carving into rock to creating an elevator to lift debris, laying hundreds of concrete blocks, and installing air ducts. So why has Kala undertaken this monumental DIY project? During an interview with NBC, she admitted she thought it would be “neat to have like a little protective shelter area,” adding that she “lives for challenges” and that the project “keeps me entertained.”

Source: Daily Mail

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