TiTikTok User Finds Outline Of A Dead Body Under The Carpet Of Her New House

Buying a new house and discovering there’s hardwood underneath the carpet is exciting, but it turned into something creepy for one woman. TikTok user @Don’tBeAnAshHole says she bought a house that someone had allegedly died in, and posted a video showing what she found when she lifted the carpet in one room of the house. An outline of a body with a dark stain inside it with a case number and date written to the side.

Okay, now that’s creepy. Commenters on the video, which has been viewed over five million times, are divided on what it means; some say it’s a prank because the outline was drawn with a marker and not chalk, while others say she should get out of the house. One commenter recommended she get the wood removed and turn it into a coffee table.


Source: Daily Mail


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