TikToker Finds He’s Got 30 Siblings After DNA Test


We’ve officially entered an era where you could be shocked to discover how many siblings you really have. /prep/article/The-Big-Story-Dude-Dad-Gave-Sperm-500-Times-He-Afraid-He-ll-Date-Sibs” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Last month, we told you about Zave Fors, whose father donated sperm hundreds of times, and ended up being the father of around 50 kids. Today, we’ve got Andy Nabil, of Atlanta, Georgia.

Less than a week ago, Andy was an only child. That all changed when he decided to use one of those services that check your DNA and family history. Previously, his “father” had told him that he was of “mostly French and English” ancestry, but the test came back heavily Irish. So, he looked closer, and found that his mother was correctly identified…but his father was someone he’d never heard of. That’s where Google came into the picture.

It turns out that his real father was a sperm donor. He also found a social media post with a picture of his donor dad with “15 of his siblings…he didn’t know about” in Mexico. Digging deeper, he discovered there were 15 more out there, for a grand total of 31…Andy being the second oldest of the bunch. Obviously, his parents knew about the baby batter donation, but decided it wasn’t worth telling him about prior to the DNA test…leading to an “exciting” couple of days. During that time, he joined a group chat with his newfound family, and has vowed to join them all during the next vacation trip.

Source: Unilad

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