Three Men Sentenced To Jail And Fined For Wading With Bears In Alaska

Three men left a viewing platform and waded into the river at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska to take pictures of the brown bears in the water and now they have time in jail to think about it. The viewing platform was built in 1982 to let people watch the bears while staying separated from them, and the National Park Service tells visitors to stay in the viewing areas.

56-year-old David Engelman, 54-year-old Ronald J. Engelman II, and 30-year-old Steven Thomas left the platform and waded into the river to take selfies with the bears. The Engelman men were given one week in jail each, while Thomas was sentenced to 10 days; each man was also fined $3k and banned from all national parks for a year.

Source: USA Today

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