Three-Legged Bear Breaks Into Home To Drink White Claws

A semi-famous three-legged bear called “Tripod” made waves in Florida recently when he was caught on camera breaking into a house to have a party of one. Josaury Faneite-Diglio says she received a security notification around 5 p.m. Sunday and saw that Tripod was skulking around the property. Faneite-Diglio’s 13-year-old son was home and saw Tripod tearing a hole in the enclosed porch.

Once Tripod got in, he made his way to the mini fridge, found some fish food and then made his way over to the bar where he downed three mango/strawberry White Claws. The residents say this is the second time had made himself at home. “I was not scared because we know the bear really well. He lives here; we respect their habitat as much as we can.”

Source: WESH

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