The Reason Women Cheat On Their Dudes

Of all the things in life that suck, getting cheated on is possibly the suckiest. If you’re the one that was cheated on, you’re left feeling angry, betrayed, confused, and with an overload of questions filling your head…the top of which is almost always going to be why in the hell it happened in the first place.

For that answer, you can look at six possible reasons why someone felt the need to stray.

  • No Emotional Connection/Intimacy – It’s more than just doing the bone dance…it means mental and emotional communication. That connection is missing
  • Neglected Intimacy – When someone gets lazy and comfortable, the other person can be left sitting in the cold feeling neglected and not understood
  • Doesn’t Feel Attractive – If they’re not being told and shown how desired they are at home, they be drawn to someplace else they’re finding that kind of attention
  • Not Appreciated – No one likes feeling like they’re being taken for granted
  • Lack of Trust – Jealousy blows, and there’s a mindset that if they’re going to be accused of doing something…then they might as well be doing it and getting some pleasure out of it
  • Compromising Situations/Environments – Sometimes it can happen as a result of the situations a person puts themselves in. Whether it’s a professional necessity or a personal choice, it still might call for a tough conversation

These are all things you can do something about by communicating better, making yourself emotionally available, helping out around the house, and showing the same kind of trust and respect you expect for yourself.

Of course, it could also be that they weren’t really ready to settle down into the same kind of committed relationship that you understood that you’ve been in…and they’ve been lying to you and themselves.

Source: Alpha M

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