Study Finds There Are Three Types Of Men

Hey What kind of man do you think you are? When it comes to relationships, a new study out of Canada found that thcould safely lump you into one of three categories. Dr. John Oliffe, out of the University of British Columbia, led the study, conducting “in-depth interviews” with 92 straight men between the ages of 19 to 43 from “diverse cultural backgrounds.”

What they found was that a guy’s mental health could be “impacted either positively or negatively depending on which category his behavior in a relationship fell into.” Those three categories are “neo-traditionalist,” “egalitarian,” and “progressive.” Here’s what they mean…

  • Neo-Traditionalist – this guy prefers his relationships follower “traditional gender roles,” with him being the “provider and protector” (an example would be he’s taking care of the bills while she handles the household and kids)
  • Egalitarian – he’s looking for an “equal partnership” with “measurable give-and-take” that show each partner is doing their part (such as dividing cooking duties, taking turns paying for dates, and “watering the plants while she’s out of town”)
  • Progressive – he has “regular conversations” revolved around “building gender equality by figuring out who should do what in the relationship” (also most likely to bring home a few sex toys to make sure she’s getting what she needs out of the intimate moments, as well, and making the “extra effort”)

Around half the guys in the study fell into the “egalitarian” box, while 26% made up the “progressives.” The rest, around 24%, were batched in with the “neo-traditionalists.”

Source: LAD Bible

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