The Best Wines To Pair With Your McDonald’s Meal

There’s a whole world of wine out there and selecting the right bottle can be very intimidating. Wine experts can help you find the best wine for your meal, but how often are you actually going to a fancy restaurant? Probably not often, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink good vino.

Wine connoisseur Chris Cassell is a firm believer that high-end booze isn’t just for fine dining. ‘We don’t all eat at Michelin-star restaurants most evenings,” he says. “But most of us, like myself, like to drink wine in the evenings.” And that’s why he’s sharing the wines that pair nicely with food we’re much more likely to be eating regularly: McDonald’s.

He says there’s a wine choice for anything you’re eating and he thought it would be interesting to focus on food you don’t typically have wine with. According to this wine expert, these are the best wines to pair with popular Mickey D’s menu items:

  • Big Mac – Cassell says this classic burger goes well with a glass of red French Burgundy.
  • McNuggets and McChicken Sandwiches – Both of these are good with Champagne.
  • Apple Pie – For dessert, Cassell recommends a Sauternes, a sweet, white wine from Bordeaux.

Source: Metro

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