Thai Woman Electrocuted In Bed By New Mobile Phone


This is the kind of story you see shared on social media as a warning, but most people assume it isn’t really a danger. Unfortunately, a man in Thailand has found out just how dangerous it can be to use your phone while it’s charging after finding his wife dead. 54-year-old Yooyen Saenparasert was given the new phone by her husband Praiwan Saenparasert as a birthday present. She went to lay in the bed to play games while the phone charged, and he went to the family’s fishpond. When he came back she was laying on their bed with burn marks on her hands, according to Praiwan.

He believed she was unconscious and called for help, but paramedics believe she had been dead for four hours. She had bruises on her right hand police believe were caused by an electric shock. It seems the phone, which she had been given just two days earlier, caused the woman’s death. Be careful when you’re charging your phone and using it at the same time.

Source: Daily Mail

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