Texas Influencer Becomes “Emotional Support Stripper” In Ukraine

With so many people around the world volunteering in Ukraine to help in the fight against Russia, Instagram influencer Fan-Pei Koung has moved to the war-torn country as a self-described “emotional support stripper.” The 33-year-old from Houston, Texas says that not only is her OnlyFans account free to Ukrainian soldiers, volunteers, and the occasional local civilian, but she’s gone boots-on-the-ground, referring to herself as a “globe-trotting girlfriend, now volunteering in Kharkiv.”

As much as this move is for altruistic reasons, Koung says Ukranian men are a better fit for her romantically than American men because Ukranian men “care for themselves and think about people other than themselves,” adding, “They need to know what I want even before I know what I want. I’ve never been treated like that in my life.” Currently, Koung says she’s dating a drone operator, a power plant worker, and two information technology workers.

Source: Daily Beast

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