Teenager Killed By World War II Grenade He Bought From Antique Store

We told you how authorities were looking for people who purchased old grenades from an antique mall in North Carolina last month and now we know why. A Virginia teenager was killed days before Christmas after a World War II-era hand grenade exploded. Authorities believe that the grenade was purchased from the Fancy Flea Antique Mall in Shallotte, North Carolina in June of last year.

Authorities say that additional grenades were possibly sold by the same vendor over the summer and law enforcement is concerned the grenades purchased from the vendor may contain live explosives and could be hazardous to the public.

A statement from the ATF reads: “The grenades were thought to be ‘inert’ MK2 grenades, a style used during World War II. At the time of sale, neither the vendor nor buyer(s) believed the grenades to be functioning or hazardous.”



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