Taylor Swift Becomes Unsearchable On X After AI Scandal

For years, we’ve heard people talking about the potential dangers of AI and “deepfakes.” Now that Taylor Swift has been brought into the conversation, the issue’s getting the attention it should’ve had all along…and it’s possible that action could be taken. Over the weekend, all searches for Swift were deactivated on X. That’s due to posts that went viral featuring fake AI-generated photos of Swift and some with her sweety, Travis Kelce, in various states of undress and sexual activity. This has been going on for years, but now that Swift’s become the target, government officials are calling it “alarming and terrible,” and the CEO of Microsoft is saying “we have to act.” Ya think? The source of the photos has not yet been identified, and it’s not clear what kind of punishment they will face when they are found.

Source: Variety

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