Tarantulas About To Crawl Through Southwest For Mating Season

Turns out nightmares do come true. Tarantulas are getting ready for mating season, much to the fear of some Southeast Colorado residents. Thousands of creepy-crawlers are about to make their way through the southwest for the great “mate-gration”. When male tarantulas, are ready to mate at eight to ten years old, they make the 20-mile trek between late August and early October to find a female to mate with.

After the tarantula finds his ideal lady, he’ll perform a courtship dance that includes tapping his legs on a female’s web. If she likes him, she’ll often let him know by drumming back. After mating, males typically die relatively quickly, but females have a typical lifespan 20-25 years. As much as you might want to watch the mating migration, be careful…Though they’re not poisonous to humans, those bites can be very painful.

Source: Daily Mail

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