Tanning Bed Addict Nearly Dies Twice From Obsession

Move over, Tan Mom…A sunbed worshiper in Ireland is thanking her lucky stars that she’s alive after discovering her Stage 1 melanoma diagnosis after years of tanning. Fionnghuala Maguire, 35, says she’s used tanning beds “thousands of times,” adding that her mom had been diagnosed with skin cancer and even had to have tumors removed due to the same obsession.

Maguire says her tanning bed routine has been going strong for 15 years, often tanning every single day of the week…and never applying sunscreen. “Twice I’ve been on my deathbed, and my son could’ve been left without a mommy,” Maguire said, adding, “I’m still scared that wanting a tan might kill me eventually.” After decades of glowing skin, the mom now admits that a “tan is not worth” what she’s been through.

Source: NY Post

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