Survey: 72% Of Women Plan To Wear A Sexy Halloween Costume This Year

Feel like everyone dresses up as something sexy for Halloween these days? Research shows you’re right, as a new survey finds 58% of adults are likely to wear a sexy costume this year. According to the poll of 2-thousand people over age 18, more women are going sexy for the holiday, with 72% of women planning to wear a sexy outfit, compared to 43% of men.

The survey also reveals:

  • More than a third (39%) of people assume anyone wearing a sexy Halloween costume is looking for a fling, and they’re not entirely wrong, as 19% hope their outfit helps them hook up by the end of the night.
  • Halloween is a chance to be anyone you want and 56% are going all out with their costume, even if people can’t recognize them.
  • If a costume hides someone’s identity, even better, as 80% find the anonymity of costumes to be a turn on.
  • The most popular sexy costumes for women include Catwoman (16%), Harley Quinn (14%) and a nurse (11%).
  • For the fellas, the top sexy costumes include Batman (15%), a gladiator (15%) and a police officer (15%).
  • It turns out, a lot of people have the hots for Halloween, with 76% of men and 49% of women admitting they’ve had sexual fantasies about a character they met at a Hallowen party.
  • Sometimes, those fantasies become a reality, as 20% of respondents have turned a Halloween fling into a lasting relationship.

Source: NY Post

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