Surrogate Files For Custody Of Child Because She Had An Affair With The Father

A married couple in British Columbia was having trouble conceiving a child and turned to a surrogate in 2016. An attempt at artificial insemination failed, and the surrogate now says the father of the child she eventually gave birth to convinced her to conceive the child “naturally;” the surrogate also claims the man said he would leave his wife and raise the baby with her if it worked.It worked, but four years later the couple is still married, and the surrogate has now filed for joint custody of the child. The man claims the affair didn’t happen until after the baby was born, and he and his wife say the surrogate asked for $100k and visitation rights that they refused. The judge says there’s no precedent for this case and has barred the surrogate from visitation until he rules on the case; the judgment is expected in January.

Source: Daily Mail


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