Study: More Expensive TVs Don’t Always Have Better Picture Quality

People take a lot of pride in decking out their entertainment system, especially when it comes to their televisions. They want an impressive set that comes with the best picture quality, and that can come with a huge price tag. But according to a new study, you do get what you pay for with TVs … but only up to a certain point.

To find the best and worst value TVs for picture quality, the data scientists and economists at PerfectRec analyzed 257 popular TV models available at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

  • They looked at how picture quality relates to price for 60-inch to 69-inch TVs.
  • Unsurprisingly, they found that the cheapest TVs on the market don’t have great picture quality, but as you spend more money, the quality drastically improves, up until you hit the $1,000 mark.
  • At that point, spending more money only improves picture quality slightly.
  • The research finds that the sweet spot for picture quality is about $1,250 for a 65-inch television.
  • After that, the picture quality doesn’t improve much with price and in some cases, they found it actually gets worse.
  • The team at PerfectRec points out that companies know many consumers are more than willing to splurge on more expensive TVs, so they often hike up prices, which the team refers to as “the Videophile tax.”
  • The brands that offer the best value for picture quality on 65-inch TVs are:
    • Hisense U8H for $898
    • LG A2 for $1,197
    • LG B2 for $1,296
  • The study finds that the three 65-inch TVs to avoid because you probably can’t notice the difference in picture quality are:
    • Sony A95K for $2,998
    • LG QNED99 for $2,496
    • Samsung QN900C for $4,499

Source: Study Finds

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