Squirrel Stashes 42 Gallons Of Nuts In Car Engine


Squirrels hide nuts for the winter, and Bill Fischer of Fargo, North Dakota has a truck that apparently looks like a walnut storage facility to a squirrel. Fischer says he’s spent the last eight years in a battle with a red squirrel that keeps filling his truck engine with walnuts from a tree in his yard, but this year the squirrel has outdone himself, hiding 348 pounds of walnuts inside Fischer’s engine compartment.

He says he’s tried everything over the years to keep the squirrel from stashing his nuts inside his truck, including spraying the vehicle with Tabasco and Cayenne pepper, but nothing stops the squirrel. Fischer says “I put in as much hard work as the squirrel when I have to take my truck apart just to remove bucket after bucket of walnuts.”

Source: LadBible

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