Some Guys Think These Things Turn Women On, But Don’t

It would be great if everything you did received the exact positive reaction you were looking for. Sadly, that isn’t reality. There are some things we, as guys, so that we think should command the precise thrill we get, or intend on getting, when we do it. Some of those things are colossal miscalculations and could backfire on you.

  • Physique – Everyone wants a great body, but because of genetics, work schedule, will power, or whatever, it just isn’t going to happen. Embrace yourself….there’s no bigger turn-on than confidence.
  • Trying Too Hard – If you’re going out of your way to try and appear sexy, the creepy factor might take center stage.
  • Your Scorecard – The only person interested in your sexual history is your doctor.
  • Too Much Grooming – Overdoing it might make you come off as too much work.
  • Beards – The right facial hair works for a lot of guys, but the “big and bushy beard” look is a specialty act…and most ladies aren’t feeling it.
  • Driving – Unless she’s into NASCAR, revving engines, burn outs, and hard braking aren’t going to make the impression you’re hoping for.
  • Fights – Women, or anyone else for that matter, don’t want to be near the guy who’s always looking for a dust up.
  • Bedroom Aggression – Being “super forceful” in the bedroom is a bad move. If you’re going to try that stuff, you’d be advised to make sure you know her well enough to know she’s into it.
  • Showing Off – There’s a difference between confidence, and being a cocky, arrogant a-hole. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  • Dong Pics – If she didn’t ask for it…she doesn’t want it. It’s not even close to the most interesting, or photogenic, part of you.

Source: Alpha M

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