Sister-In-Law Steals Mom-To-Be’s Baby Shower Gifts


A mom-to-be’s baby shower was ruined by her sister-in-law and it kicked off a mess of family drama. In a now-deleted post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section, the woman explains she’s pregnant with her first baby and that her husband comes from a well off family, but her own family doesn’t have a lot of money. When her sister threw her a baby shower that “wasn’t fancy, but was affordable and great,” her sister-in-law, who she says often points out how poor she is, made fun of the event.

After showing up without a shower gift, the SIL then asked how much the party cost and joked that her dress probably cost more. “She was rude and arrogant to my family and friends, but none of my in-laws said anything,” explains the mom-to-be. Even worse? After the party, a bunch of gifts were missing and a quick check of security camera footage shows the SIL walking out with the baby presents. And after being confronted, the sister-in-law denied it and said she would call the mom-to-be a liar if she repeated the accusation of stealing.

So the mom-to-be shared the video with her in-laws, and while some family members shamed the SIL and told her to return the gifts, others were angry at her for making such a big drama over “a few presents.” The gifts were eventually returned, but now there’s a family rift and the mom-to-be is getting the blame. She turned to Reddit to see if she was in the wrong and if anything, people think she was too easy on the SIL. Some users suggest she could’ve pressed charges with the police and others suggest she play the video at every holiday gathering.

Source: Kidspot

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