selfie girls *LIST* Things Younger Women Do That Confuse & Amaze Older Women

Younger women are doing things their way and we admire them for a lot of it, like embracing body positivity and body hair. But some things definitely perplex us, like, why are they bringing back low-rise jeans? BuzzFeed asked older women about the things Gen Z and millennial women do that surprises, annoys, puzzles or amazes them and these are some of the best responses.

  • “The crying online thing has always bothered me and I’m not that old either. I just don’t get why you’d film yourself in such a vulnerable state and put it online. I don’t usually bring out the cringe label, but it sure fits in this case.”
  • “The lashes. My daughter has ‘lash shampoo.’ My 67-year-old friend let her granddaughter put lashes on her for a class she was taking and I laughed my butt off when I saw her. We’re just having trouble getting used to the toy-doll-looking lashes. Sorry, I’m trying.”
  • “Being intensely obsessed with celebrities at an extreme level, like Swifties threatening ex-boyfriends or conspiracy theory level investment into the lives of their favorite celebrity — it’s creepy.”
  • “Stop making kid’s lunches that look like a work of art. Bread crust is good for you.”
  • “I love how much more accepting younger generations are. It’s really beautiful. At the same time, I’m so thankful that social media wasn’t very big when I was a teen. I see how much pressure my students are under to cultivate a social media persona and to keep up with all of their messages and posts. It’s exhausting.”
  • “I’m constantly amazed at how open young people are to LGBTQ people. Thirty years ago, even in purple cities, there was so much hatred. I really admire young peoples’ openness.”
  • “I will never understand the ‘do it for Instagram’ mentality.”
  • “The bum lifting leggings with the bit that splits the cheeks I see so much at the gym. Absolutely not body shaming and I admire their confidence, but we spent the ’90s asking, ‘Does my bum look big in this?'”
  • “Since when did eyebrows become so important?! All of a sudden it was all about the eyebrows and making them look absolutely perfect.”
  • “I’m a 50-year-old woman. I think young people are amazing and that they’re going to make the world a better place than what we’ve given them. Rock on young women. You got this.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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