Research Reveals Why Hairy Men Are Better Husbands

Does a man with a hairy chest and a full beard make your heart skip a beat? Some people prefer a smooth, freshly shaven face, while others love a bit of stubble or a burly beard. And according to research, hairy men tend to make better partners.

These are some science-backed reasons why women go for guys who are hairy:

  • They’re masculine – One study finds that 54% of women prefer a man with facial hair over one who’s clean-shaven, while only one in three like a smooth-faced man better. Of the women on team facial hair, 69% say they find a man with facial hair more masculine and therefore more attractive.
  • They’re smart – If you’re drawn to brilliant minds, you might also be a fan of hairy men. Research shows that body hair is connected to intelligence, while another study finds the majority of members of Mensa – the largest high IQ society in the world – also have thick body hair.
  • They’re hilarious – Some of our favorite funny guys, like Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, Jim Gaffigan and Zach Galifianakis are all hilarious and hairy. This one might not be science, exactly, but it should be.
  • They’re into good causes – Every November you may see more guys growing out their facial hair, and it’s all for a good cause. “Movember” is an annual event where men grow a mustache or beard to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer.
  • They’re secure with themselves – Manscaping is very common these days, with more than half of millennial men (57%) doing it and 39% of all men grooming their body hair. So guys who are willing to go against the trend and embrace their hairy faces and bodies are self-confident and secure, which is just one more reason they make better partners.

Source: Your Tango

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