Raw Meat Eater Says He’s “Never Felt Better”

A man who goes by “Testicle King” has gained attention for eating raw steak for 100 days in a row. Pauly Long, 30, lives in Bali, Indonesia, and started experimenting with his diet after developing stomach issues five years ago. He says the reason for the experiment was, “I wanted to experiment and see how I felt, and also show the public that eating raw meat is perfectly safe.”

So how did he do? Mr. “King” claims he has had “no complications” from eating so much raw meat but says everyone should do their own research. “I started noticing the biggest shift around day 30 — after that, it became very noticeable every day — good energy, great digestion, all around great feeling after eating raw,” Long concluded. A word of warning though…UCLA Health says consuming raw meat can lead to food-borne illnesses like E. Coli.

Source: NY Post

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