Postmen in London Accidentally Get High on the Job

Believe it or not, several postmen in South West London accidentally got high after consuming brownies from a package sitting in the office with no return address. The postmen claim the box was in the office for about a month, and since they could not locate the recipient, they opened the brownies and ate them for themselves.

None of them knew they were eating pot brownies and, as a result, had two, three, even four of them. The story broke by a video posted to Instagram taken at Royal Mail’s Clapham Delivery Office. It reads, “One guy said he was walking to a door and thought he was walking forever. Say a prayer for him right now, hopefully he is asleep or he is singing with unicorns.”

Royal Mail claims an investigation has been launched and that they “expect the highest standards of behavior from their people at all times.” They also noted the mail service is reminding all staff at the delivery office of the correct procedures for dealing with items with no address for delivery or return. You know, just in case someone accidentally gets high again.

Source: Daily Mail

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