Plane Passenger Refunded After Having To Sit In Pee

Flying these days is a whiz…A couple from New Zealand has been given a refund from Qantas Airways after claiming they sat in a passenger’s peepee for a major chunk of their 10-hour flight. The soggy incident went down on December 30th when the pair flew from Bangkok, Thailand, to Sydney, Australia.

It all started when one of them put their belongings under the seat in front of them and when they pulled them back out, their stuff was reportedly damp. Then after several hours, they reached under the seat and to their horror, discovered a discarded pair of wet children’s underwear. After going back and forth with the airline over inadequate reparations for sitting in “biohazard waste,” Qantas finally gave in and issued the travelers a reimbursement, as well as an apology for the revolting revelation.

Source: NY Post

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