Plane on Runway Passenger Trapped In Plane Bathroom For Entire Flight

This really stinks…A SpiceJet airline passenger is furious after being trapped in the plane’s tiny lavatory for almost the entire flight across India, leaving him “traumatized.” The unnamed 37-year-old software engineer documented his 100-minute ordeal on video as crew members tried their best to rescue the traveler…but to no avail. They eventually slipped a note through the door telling him not to panic and that he’d be rescued ASAP…The man was finally rescued 20 minutes after landing.

And now, this guy is furious. “I was traumatized, dazed, and injured as I was thrown around inside the toilet. As the plane landed in Bengaluru, there was no medical assistance at all,” he told reporters, adding, “When I came out, I had bruises, and my vision was blurred for a while. But I received no medical help even after coming out of the loo.” The man was offered the equivalent of about $60 in compensation, but he’s rejected that and plans to sue the airline for putting his life at risk.

Source: Daily Mail

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