Pizza Hut Is Launching Roast Beef Dinner Pizza


Beef on pizza…good, right? Sure – it’s meat and cheese, but Pizza Hut UK is taking things a step further with a Roast Dinner Pizza. What’s a ‘roast dinner?’ In Britain, it’s a typical “Sunday” dinner of roast beef, stuffing, potatoes and a veg.

In this case? It’s a Pizza Hut pie loaded with roast beef, what they say is “super-tasty sage and onion stuffing,” as well as slices of roasted potato and red onions. And instead of a regular red sauce? A red wine gravy base. As for why they’d do such a thing – the new offering is part of Pizza Hut’s Staycation or Vacation campaign, which has also seen the launch of a Spanish-Style Chicken & Chorizo Pizza and Italian-style Cheese & Tomato Bites.

“Here at Pizza Hut Delivery we’re thrilled about the launch of the new menu items,” says Amelia Riba, Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut UK & Europe. “With many families across the UK still deciding between a Staycation or Vacation this year, we wanted to offer something for all occasions.”

Source: Delish

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