Pizza Hut Debuts “Goodbye Pies” To Help With Pre-Valentine’s Day Breakups

Think breakups don’t happen around Valentine’s Day? While the holiday is all about romance and love, research shows it’s also the holiday surrounded by the most heartbreak, as a YouGov poll finds 45% of people believe it’s better to do the dumping right before Valentine’s Day. The Tuesday before the holiday is actually the day of the year when most break-ups happen, it’s known as “Red Tuesday.”

For anyone looking to end their relationship pre-Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut has your back. They’re now offering “Goodbye Pies” that can be ordered and delivered to your soon-to-be ex to deliver the spicy news in a sweet way.

  • The limited-edition pizzas, available as of yesterday – this year’s Red Tuesday, have habanero-infused hot honey on top and come packaged in a custom box with a broken heart pizza illustration and a place to write their name.
  • From now until February 14th, people wishing to break up can

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