Pizza Delivery Driver Sues Friends Who Won $1M Lottery And Didn’t Share

A Canadian pizza delivery man is suing 16 of his friends because they won a $1 million lottery prize and didn’t share it with him. Philip Tsotsos says he was a member of a lottery pool for six years with co-workers at an auto-parts delivery business he recently left, but they didn’t tell him they had won and he got no money.

There are always two sides to every story, and in this case, the lawyer for the members of the pool says Tsotsos didn’t pay into the pool for the winning ticket, but Tsotsos says the organizer of the pool told him over text message they could take his $40 for that week out of the prize money for “a high interest rate.”

Tsotsos is suing for $70k plus interest which he says is his rightful share.

Source: Fox Business

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