Physics Prof Wants Remains Blasted Into Space For Aliens To Clone

A physics professor in Kansas has big plans for the afterlife. Ken Ohm, 86, who’s a longtime space enthusiast, is paying Texas-based company Celestis $12,500 to launch part of his remains into outer space. What’s Ohm’s goal in having his DNA out there in the vast darkness? He says he hopes aliens will find him and create an army of his clones.

Ohm’s not alone either. Though others have their own reasons for wanting a space burial, the company has launched the remains of people from over 35 countries including James Doohan, who played Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott (aka: “Scotty”) on the television series “Star Trek”. Celestis offers many space burial options, including launching ashes into space before returning to Earth and sending them to deep space.

Source: Daily Mail

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