People Leave The Weirdest Things Inside Their Walls

You never know what’s hiding behind your walls. A number of homeowners have made some crazy discoveries while doing renovations to their homes in 2020. While it’s not uncommon for them to find major problems once they open up their walls, in some cases, the exact opposite happens, and some lucky homeowners find amazing secrets that had been sitting behind a layer of sheetrock, just waiting to be found.

Abriana Cristel filmed as her mom’s boyfriend decided they needed a little extra room in the bedroom closet. When the back wall was knocked down, they discovered an entire extra section to the upper floor of the house. For reasons that were unclear, it was left unfinished and walled off.

Jamie Wilkes shared a video he recorded of a bizarre discovery of a fake kitchen cabinet door, which opens into a staircase hidden behind the kitchen counters. The stairs lead to a door to the outside of the building.

John Reynolds had no idea that there was a pool in the backyard of the house he bought for just under $20,000. But the backyard was a mess when he moved in, and it turns out the pool had been filled with dirt and other debris.

Source: Fox News

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