Over Half Of Americans Would Break Up With An Unsafe Driver


While some folks may be impressed by a potential date’s set of wheels, what those folks do behind those wheels may actually make more of an impression.

A new poll finds:

  • 78% of people say how a person drives reveals a lot about their personality.
  • 56% of Americans say they would never date someone they felt was an unsafe driver.
  • Another 18% of people have actually ended a relationship because of a person’s bad driving habits.
  • That could be because 46% of folks consider drivers who follow the rules more trustworthy.
  • As for behavior some folks consider dangerous:
    • 75% say drivers who don’t wear seatbelts are “reckless.”
    • 42% say speeding drivers are dangerous.
    • 24% say speeders are “impulsive.”

And it’s not only how they drive, but how they treat their car that folks are judging.

  • 75% of people say the way a person takes care of their car says a lot about them.
  • 52% see those who take care of their car as more responsible.
  • Another 43% say it makes them more reliable.

Source: Study Finds

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