Over 40% Of Americans Admit To Driving Under The Influence


We all know we shouldn’t get behind the wheel after a few drinks, but apparently a lot of folks are still doing it.

A new ValuePenguin survey finds:

  • 43% of Americans admit they’ve driven under the influence of alcohol.
  • 28% have done so in the past six months.
  • Many have put their lives at risk at the hands of others, with 45% saying they’ve gotten a ride from someone who’d been drinking.
  • When it comes to genders, men are more likely than women to admit to drinking and driving (56% vs. 29%)
  • The most common excuse for drinking and driving is that they only had a short distance to travel (37%).
  • Other excuses included:
    • I didn’t think I was that drunk (24%)
    • I didn’t feel safe in an Uber, Lyft or taxi(16%)
    • I couldn’t afford an Uber, Lyft or taxi (14%)
    • I didn’t want to worry about leaving my car overnight (5%)
  • 23% of those polled overestimated how much they could drink and still be safe to drive; with the CDC saying just three drinks could deteriorate motor skills.
  • Men are more guilty of this with 31% saying they could drive safely after three drinks, while only 14% of women say the same.

Source: ValuePenguin

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