NYC Teacher Caught Getting REALLY Inappropriate During Zoom Class


Virtual learning has had its share of problems during the pandemic, but some of them have been surprising. A Spanish teacher at the prestigious Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering stopped in the middle of a Zoom class to engage in what investigators called an “inappropriate sexual act” before returning to teaching.

According to students in the class, 37-year-old Amanda K. Fletcher “appeared to suck the nipple of an unidentified topless male” while “gyrating” or “rocking back and forth.” According to the Special Commissioner of Investigation for New York City, before that students watched Fletcher “eating spaghetti” with the shirtless man behind her, another violation of the rules.

Some of the incidents we hear about are obvious mistakes, usually when a teacher thinks the camera is off and class is over, but not this time. In this case, students say that after taking her mouth off the man’s chest, she “resumed teaching and discussing a worksheet.” For her part, Fletcher has offered no explanation and refused to talk with investigators. She’s been reassigned but is still on the city payroll, making $105,588 last year.

Source: Fox News

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