NY Man Arrested An Impressive Three Times In Same Day


If you’re going to do something…go all-in, right? That seems to be the philosophy that drive Robert Radek to get arrested three times…in the same day. Here’s how the day broke down for Robbie:

  • 7:55am – He was pulled over for a traffic violation when it was discovered his license was suspended and he had crack cocaine on him. He was charged with a drug misdemeanor and given a ticket with mandatory court appearance.
  • 2:30pm – He was pulled over again…by the same cop. This time, he had heroin and crack in the car, resulting in another charge, another ticket, and another court appearance.
  • 5:45pm – He was stopped for “multiple vehicle and traffic law infractions.” Since the officer determined Radek was “impaired by drugs,” he was given two felony charges and released on another appearance ticket.

Those April 19th and 20th court appearances should prove to a good time for all involved.

Source: Fox 5 NY

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