Number Of People Killed Taking Selfies Triples After Lockdowns


Getting the perfect selfie is a high-risk activity for a lot of people. According to data from the U.K. firm Rhino Safety, there have been 24 selfie-related deaths this year compared to seven in 2020. Falls are the most common cause of fatalities, followed by drownings.

The problem of people trying to get the perfect selfie for social media caused the former Soviet Union to issue selfie guidelines after people wounded themselves with self-inflicted gunshot wounds, pulled the pins out of live grenades, and touched live wires.

The country with the most reported selfie deaths is India, with the United States second. While this year’s number is three times the number from 2020, it’s still not the worst year for fatalities; that record belongs to 2017 when 107 selfie deaths were reported. The data shows that men are more than twice as likely to die taking a selfie than women.

Source: Daily Mail

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