Newlyweds Send $240 Bill To No-Show Guests


If something comes up and you can’t make it to a friend’s wedding, you probably don’t expect to be billed for it, but that’s what’s happened to some no-show guests to a “destination wedding” in Jamaica. A photo of the invoice sent out by the newlyweds has been making the rounds online; anyone who said they would attend but didn’t is being charged $240 by the couple with a due date one month from the date of the bill.

That’s not the way it usually works, is it? The couple, Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee of Chicago say it’s not about the money, even though they did have to pre-pay $120 for each person attending. Instead, the Simmons say they felt “hurt and disrespected” by the no-shows and felt “some kind of way.” The couple has offered Zelle and PayPal as payment options.

Source: New York Post

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