Neighbors Throw Birthday Party For Abandoned Car On Their Street

A group of frustrated neighbors threw a tongue-in-cheek birthday party, for a car that has remained abandoned on their street for a year.

The silver VW Golf has been parked in the same spot since December 2019 and has become an eyesore for residents. One of the car’s tires is now flat, and the inside of the vehicle is like a trash can with garbage including old McDonald’s food, a shoe, and empty shampoo bottles lying about.

Residents have reported the car to the proper authorities but the car has remained in the same spot. So last month, when the silver car had been parked there for a year, they decided to draw attention to it in a different way, by throwing the car a birthday party. They covered the car in party decorations, including happy birthday banners, balloons tied to the wing mirrors, and a white sheet taped across the windscreen reading “Happy one year!”

Source: FoxNews

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