More People Embracing A Sober Lifestyle


A lot of people gave up alcohol in January, and for many as soon as February 1st hit they were popping open that can of beer or uncorking their favorite bottle of wine. But apparently there were a lot of people who opted to continue going alcohol-free because a sober lifestyle seems to be on the rise, and it’s not just people with drinking problems giving up the booze.

According to a recent report, grocery, liquor and convenience stores have been seeing a continual rise in sales of non-alcoholic beverages. In fact, since February, non-alcoholic beer sales increased 39% compared to 2020, while non-alcoholic wine increased 34%.  And that’s not all. Apparently folks have been helping others celebrate their sobriety, with Etsy seeing a 205% increase in searches for “sober or dry gifts” from December to the end of February.

Another example of the rising interest in sobriety? Back in December Chrissy Teigen announced she had given up alcohol, and mentioned how Holly Whitaker’s book “Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol” helped her to do so. Well, since the announcement, sales of the book have spiked, with the book peaking at 24 on “USA Today’s” Best-Selling Books list at the end of January.

Source: USA Today

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