Moose Killed After Woman Filmed Herself Feeding And Petting It

Wildlife troopers in Alaska had to kill a moose that became too comfortable around people after a woman posted a live video on Facebook that showed herself feeding and petting the animal.

Alaska State Troopers said the juvenile male moose had grown too used to people after the incident, meaning it posed a public safety risk. The video was posted by a woman named Angel Bunch and showed Bunch feeding the moose carrots and petting them from the doorway of her home. However, the clip now appears to now be deleted.

Officials say, “When Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to Bunch’s residence the moose showed no apparent fear of humans and walked up to the Wildlife Trooper when he arrived.” They added that This moose appeared thin and showed signs that it had been fed by humans for some time.” They warn the public that, “When humans feed wildlife it causes them to stop searching and feeding on their own in nature and rely solely on humans for food.”

Bunch received a misdemeanor citation for negligently feeding game.


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