Mom Sparks Debate For Piercing Newborn’s Ears In Hospital

When is the right age to pierce a child’s ears? A mom on TikTok has sparked a debate about the proper time to do it after sharing a video showing her newborn daughter wearing earrings. The mother, who goes by the username @laraticaofficial, posted the clip of her baby girl, Lara, with her ears pierced just a day after she was born and it’s gone viral, racking up over a million views.

In the 15-second video, Baby Lara is seen wearing flower earrings in the hospital when she was just one day old. It then shows current footage of the now four-month-old wearing silver hoop earrings. The caption reads, “The time passed too fast. Missing you being this small.” And it has prompted lots of viewers to share their concerns about how early the mama had her daughter’s ears pierced:

  • “Bro was still in the d*mn hospital bed but had earrings on,” comments one user.
  • Another questions, “How is that ear piercing even legal?”

But the mother — who lives in Colombia — defends her decision, claiming that piercing her daughter’s ears after birth is less painful or “non-traumatic” than it would be for a toddler. When asked why she chose to have Lara’s ears pierced while she was still in the hospital, the unnamed mom replied, “Because I wanted to, and it is possible in our country.” And plenty of people jumped in to defend her decision:

  • “In our culture/family, we also have ears pierced as soon as they are born,” shares one user.
  • “My mom pierced my ears the day after I was born also! It’s great,” comments another.
  • “Y’all need to chill,” writes a third. “The d*mn earrings won’t kill the baby. Sheesh!”

Source: Independent

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