Mom Gives Birth In 40 Seconds Thanks To Rare Condition

A woman in Philadelphia has seemingly done the impossible by effortlessly giving birth to a baby in less than 40 seconds. Cianna Gonzalez, 24, was in labor for three hours before her son “shot out,” according to an interview, adding, “I did not have to push him out, he came out on his own.”

Gonzalez’s birth is known as the Ferguson reflex – or fetal ejection reflex – which means the fetus is “expelled” from the body without any pushing. According to Healthline, this happens when a mother gets an “amplified” hit of oxytocin that triggers contractions that dilate the cervix and push the fetus out of the birth canal. Experts say this is more likely to happen when the mom feels “safe and supported” and that “nurses and other necessary procedures” may hinder the reflex.

Source: NY Post

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