Mom Claims She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She “Saw The Foot”

A teen mom in England didn’t exactly have a leg up on her pregnancy. Faye White, 19, says she had no idea she was pregnant until she literally saw the baby’s foot pop out of her. The young mom says she took “six pregnancy tests over the nine months and they were all negative.” White went on to say that she even chalked up her water breaking to being nothing more than a urinary tract infection.

However, she gruesomely recalls, “I went to the toilet because I felt this really bad pressure and there was something coming out. I waddled back into my bedroom and it turned out it was her foot. I ended up calling an ambulance.” White went on to explain, “It had literally plopped out. I was in full-blown labor.” She believes her baby’s surprise birth is a miracle, adding, “Now I can’t imagine life without her. I like my life hectic, and she definitely keeps it hectic.”

Source: NY Post

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