Mom Calls The Cops Over Preschoolers’ Playground Spat

Believe it or not, the park can get pretty rough. Kids push each other down the slide or steal the good swing when it’s not their turn, but there’s very rarely any real danger. Which is why it was shocking to one mom when another mom called the police over a “playground squabble” between a five-year-old and a toddler.

In a post to the Parenting subreddit, the mom explains that the two-year-old child touched her autistic five-year-old son’s toy and he retaliated by pulling their hair. She and the other child’s parents got the kids apart and the whole thing was over in 10 seconds, but that was just the beginning of the drama. The toddler’s mom started screaming “What the f- is wrong with you” at the five-year-old and his mom and then started recording them on her phone, demanding their names and saying she’s calling the cops. Meanwhile, the two-year-old had completely calmed down, so they were over it, but their mom didn’t stop.

After the five-year-old’s mom “apologized profusely” and tried to deescalate the situation, she tried picking up her son and leaving, but the other mom yelled louder about getting her license plate. Afraid she would follow them home, the five-year-old’s mom stayed to wait for the police. A “very baffled” cop arrived 40 minutes later, confused about why he was even called and what he was supposed to accomplish. He told her she was free to go and that was the end of it, but she writes that she’s hurt and that she never thought she had to worry about another parent calling the cops.

Redditors were quick to back her up and shared some hilarious responses:

  • “You should have told the police the two-year-old was attempting burglary,” jokes one user.
  • “WTF is wrong with people?” asks another. “I’m sorry you and your son had to experience this.”
  • “Reckon I should call the cops on my three-year-old? He’s been stealing my snacks since he could eat solids,” another user teases. “I’d like some snacks in return as compensation, but he won’t pay up!

Source: Reddit

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